Valves & Fittings in Exotic Metals
and Alloys

Thomas & Brian® has products which ranges from stainless steel to exotic metals such as Alloy-400, Alloy-625, Alloy-276 etc. Products in these metals are manufactured in the least lead time.


Valves that can handle high pressures up to 20000 psi

Explore our range of high pressure valves.

Valves for Severe Service Applications

Valves and fittings had engineered to withstand high pressures & temperatures of up to 10000 psi and 600°C, these valves are well suited for a variety of services and severe conditions.


Products for Corrosive & Reactive media

Products in various Advanced Engineering Plastics and Elastomers for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.

Cost-effective indigenization and
a Better import substitute

Thomas & Brian® actively partners with local government organisations to develop various indegenised products.


Fight External Corrosion with COREZ®


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